Embellishment begone…fresh faced and beautiful.

Beauty’s obsession with the fake has hit fever pitch during recent years, with unparalleled growth in make up, tanning and hair industries. Indeed, the rise of gossip magazines and 24-hour paparazzi coverage has created an intense and worldwide search for false “perfection,” whereby the pressure on women to look permanently flawless is colossal. Surely, you may assume, this would be most prominent in the fashion industry which, by its very nature, is entirely fixated on looks. This would, suprisingly, be a mistake.

I recently read an interesting article by The Telegraph’s Suzi Boyle, exploring the flipside of this coin and the women in fashion who have chosen to buck this artificial trend. Take Phoebe Philo, for example, head designer at Celine, or Franca Sozzani, editor of ItalianVogue…

Phoebe Philo

Franca Sozzani

Franca Sozzani

…two powerhouses of the fashion world who both prefer to keep their looks make-up free and natural.

But, as Boyle points out, “to cohort with the truly chic it seems you need to grab yourself a good cleanser,” and of course this is undeniably true. Without a doubt, these women have the money to spend on expensive facials and natural-glow-giving skincare products, something us mere mortals (and especially students) do not have access to. The basic principle behind their refusal to conform to modern “beauty” stereotypes is, however, still a highly commendable one, and as this season’s make-up trends also pointed towards a naturally beautiful face, it would seem that the backlash to false eyelashes and lashings of fake tan is already underway.

moda stil

Stella McCartney, Spring Summer 2011

So, hard as it may seem, forego the heavy foundation and put down the eyelash glue. And if you’re wondering at all whether the decision is the right one, just take a look at photos like this…yikes.

Lauren Conrad at the US Weekly party, Hollywood


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  1. Thank you for a great post.

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