A Royal Wedding…

As the wedding of the century draws ever closer, and the world’s rumour mills run into chaotic overdrive, the question on everybody’s lips: what will Kate Middleton wear down the aisle on April 29th?

Speculation is rife that the future Queen has already chosen British label Alexander McQueen for her big day.. stories that have, of course, been laughed off by current McQueen designer, Sarah Burton.

The last dress of the Alexander McQueen A/W 2011 show… and possible wedding dress for Kate Middleton?

Yes, it would be so incredible; imagine the gasps if layer upon layer of outrageously beautiful hand-pleated chiffon were to come floating past the crowds at Westminster Abbey…

Yet can we truly believe that the ultimate Sloane Princess would pick such an avant-garde designer to represent her on possibly the most important day of her life? Sadly, I cannot. Judging by Kate’s most recent public outfits, which have been unsurprisingly bland, it seems more likely that we will be inundated with photographs of something classic, demure, highly appropriate and probably a tad stuffy too.

But who knows, I may be surprised… I certainly hope so!


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