The Best Of British Fashion Designers

Caroline Charles

After graduating from art school, Caroline Charles began an internship with couturier Michael Sherrard.  She worked briefly for Mary Quant and fashion photographer Tony Rawlinson and then went on to found her own brand in 1963.  She became a leading figure in the invasion of the USA youth market by London designers.

 Her ‘mod’ designs and special occasion wear were always popular with singers and actresses including Cilla Black, Lulu, Marianne Faithful, Kirstin Scott Thomas and Barbra Streisand. She also designed for Mick Jagger and Ringo Starr.  Princes Diana was a regular client as well as Emma Thompson who wore a Caroline Charles design to receive an Oscar.

Left : Princess Diana wears a tartan outfit by Caroline Charles, as she attends the Braemar Games in September 1981.
Right: Diana in an open-top carriage in St Columb, Cornwall, May 1983. Wearing a green wool suit and cream ruffle blouse by Caroline Charles.

Emma Thompson 1997, Receiving  Best Actress at the Oscars. Wearing a green Caroline Charles Dress.   

Caroline Charles’s business has continued to flourish for over four decades.  Her design signature is modern shapes and sophisticated, grown-up glamour. She has been invited over the years to be a design consultant to major brands such as Burberry and Marks and Spencer as well as having design collaborations with major accessories and textile companies.  She is one of Britain’s most respected and well known designers and in 2002, celebrated her 40th anniversary in fashion design at the V&A and was awarded an OBE for her services to the British fashion industry.

Caroline Charles was one of the original designers to join what was later to become British Fashion Week. 40 Years on and Caroline is still creating fabulous classic collections at London Fashion week. This is why she is still ONE OF BRITIANS BEST FASHION DESIGNERS.

Caroline Charles: London Fashion Week 2011 Ready to wear


Caroline Charles has winter wrapped up – in lady like layers and fine tailoring. With above the knee skirts and tailored jackets that end at the hips, there was a hint of Coco Chanel about her latest collection.

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