Victoria Beckham Autumn/Winter 2011

Victoria Beckham has an undeniable personal style: tight, hourglass dresses that hug every contour of the body, plus vertiginous, gravity-defying heels. It looks good and, as any woman can testify, it works. It came as a shock, therefore, that for her Autumn/Winter 2011 line, our own Mrs. Beckham made a significant departure from this hugely popular formula. Gone – for the most part – was the structure and form to which we have become accustomed, and in its place masses of liquidity and soft draping.

victoria beckham winter 2011 handbags

The collection was a love letter to colour blocking; loosely cut dresses in eye-popping magenta and canary yellow were paired with knee length boots in similar shades. The second half proferred a more muted palette of putty-like  greys and greens and the effect was stunning; a wonderfully sophisticated take on luxury tailoring.

It was suggested that such a dramatic change in silhouette reflected the designer’s preganancy, yet VB affirmed that she had in fact begun the collection before she found out that another child was on the way.

Let’s hope that baby number 4 is a girl- the fashion inheritance is enough to bring anyone out in a cold sweat!

victoria beckham fall 2011 collection

victoria beckham fall 2011 handbags

victoria beckham fall 2011 dresses

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